I researched human behaviour for more than 20 years, during my time at the University of Hertfordshire (1997-2017) so the list of findings and topics I’ve looked at is pretty lengthy. You can find more info under the various research tabs at the top of this page.

The focus of my current research includes behaviour change, particularly the Do Something Different approach. This draws on research conducted over a number of years into the factors underpinning the human tendency to resist change, and how small positive actions can reap big benefits for the individual and the organisation. For more info on the company go to

I pioneered the field of fashion psychology, applying knowledge from cognitive and social psychology to the domain of fashion, as a Professor in the Department of Fashion at Istanbul Bilgi University. My research included how what we wear projects an image to others and also can change how we think and feel. 


Research topics:

Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change in Public Health (email me for a copy of the 2014 paper on this topic)


The effect of clothing on mood and feelings

Children’s implicit and explicit representations

Fashion and first impressions

Advertising and children

Gestures and cognition

Behavioural economics

Gestures and speech

Women & money

Spelling development

Maths developemnt

Development of science concepts

Educational interventions

Infant gesture

Weight loss without dieting

Effects of ‘babysign’

Gestures as influencers

Behavioural change

Body image

The microgenetic method

Kids & technology

Happy children

Family functioning

Smoking cessation