“@jonathas At ‪#meaningconf ‪@Karenpine is raising the most laughs of the day & making lots of sense too.Brilliant speaker.”

“I just wanted to write and thank you for being such an excellent speaker at our recent Palmolive events. Everyone was completely gripped right from the start – you could have heard a pin drop in the first talk and it was wonderful to see everyone respond so positively in the second talk and become very involved. So many people wrote in the feedback forms that they felt you were talking directly to them and that what you had said had helped them. (M. Brown, Cohn&Wolfe, 20.09.12)”

“Karen was fantastic, I could have listened to her for another hour!”

“An outstanding and engaging speaker” (Amex attendees, 03.04.14).

Elected to the Professional Speaking Association 2011.

Speaker Profile: Dr Karen Pine has spent 20 years exploring what makes people tick. She has a first class honours degree, and a PhD, in psychology and, up until 2017, was Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. From 2011-2014 she was also Professor in the Department of Fashion, Istanbul Bilgi University in Turkey.

Karen is engaging and confident when talking about all aspects of human behaviour. Particular favourites are why the brain is so reluctant to change, the psychology of fashion, the folly of dieting, the science of gestures, women’s money minds, and the quirks and logical flaws in human decision making. As co-founder of the Do Something Different technique she is passionate about people getting out of their comfort zones and taking control of their lives. As a PR friendly speaker she can tailor her talks to suit your occasion.
Karen’s work in the field of behavioural economics has made her the UK’s leading female researcher into women’s money minds. Her academic research into children’s cognitive development and non-verbal communication is internationally renowned and has been published and presented all over the world. Her recent work into the psychology of fashion has attracted worldwide audiences.
Karen has also written popular books helping people change their lives for the better, The No Diet Diet (now in 23 languages) and Sheconomics, described by The Times as ‘A financial revolution for women’. In 2009 she published a journal entitled Do Something Different: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life, co-authored with Professor Ben (C) Fletcher. In 2011 Hay House published their Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different book, and 2012 saw the publication of Flex: Do Something Different (UH Press). Her book about the psychology of fashion, released in May 2014, is published by Amazon and entitled ‘Mind What You Wear”.
Karen has made numerous radio and TV appearances, including Woman’s Hour, Channel 4 News, First Edition, Working Lunch, the Alan Titchmarsh Show and The Richard and Judy show.

“Is our personality our prison? More often than not we get locked into behaviours and habits which can be prohibitive to good work. The infectiously enthusuastic Prof. Karen Pine shouted about why we should be getting off the couch and ‘doing something different’. In order to unlock our freedom we need to change our behaviour through doing, not thinking, with the objective to become more flexible and agile in the workplace. But, this isn’t so easy when your brain is hooked on habit; the Do Something Different approach that Karen spoke about helps people change gradually, expanding their behavioural repertoire one step at a time.” (H. Bostock, Nelson Review of Communications reviewing Chinwag Psych May 2013).